Lectures at Netology

In 2016, I started teaching at Netology, an online university for web developers. Since then, I’ve lectured, checked homeworks, mentored students’ thesis projects, and even been a student myself in one of the courses.

I can’t share the slides and video recordings, since those are paid materials but I can share some of the feedback from my students:

Alexander as a teacher is at the top of his game. Both in terms of lecture and homework. He has an example for each point, and it is all explained in a clear way. As for the homework, every mistake is thoroughly analyzed, which is a lot of work with so many people

Good preparation for the lecture, you can see that he knows the material perfectly, well worked examples. Excellent feedback, immediately without questions added on Skype and if possible answers quickly to questions

All with ready examples. Each example is broken down into blocks and shows the nuances of each part. Each example can be analyzed independently because they are available. Everything is logical and clear as a sheet of music, “live” style of presenting information

Alexander is my favorite lecturer. He always has a huge amount of information, details and nuances. If you evaluate the saturation of a lecture, he has the most concentrated ones!

I also shared my insight from teaching experience in a couple of blog posts.