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Some places I've been

Notes form the places I've traveled.

  • Prague, August 2019

    Prague, August 2019

    Museum of public transport and streetcar festival, Letná Park and electronics at night, Kafka and the Museum of Modern Art, the Charles Bridge and water, heat and details.

  • Juodkrante, Nida, Preila, March 2019

    Juodkrante, Nida, Preila, March 2019

    Bays and sunsets, Hill of Witches and sculpture-creepiness, forests and black houses, wind in the crowns and the sound of the sea, the Lithuanian side of the spit and the tourist off-season.

  • Rome, October 2018

    Rome, October 2018

    Architecture for all tastes and piles of garbage, old trams and a terrible transportation system, sun and hail, non-Catholic cemetery and MAXXII, Vatican and rip-off, asylum and the Order of Malta.

  • St. Petersburg, August 2018

    St. Petersburg, August 2018

    The Grand Model and the queues at the Sberbank, the Hermitage and New Holland, the Summer Garden and Palace Square, the embankments and bridges.

  • Krakow, April 2018

    Krakow, April 2018

    The former capital of Poland and Wawel Castle, squares and bubbles, an archaeological museum and photo gallery, horse-drawn carriages and views from the towers, an alley of stars and parks.

  • Riga, March 2018

    Riga, March 2018

    Noisy advertising and casinos, black houses and narrow streets, the Riga Cathedral and not bad modern architecture, the military museum and the former KGB building, the house with the kitty on the roof and the cutest pole.

  • Warsaw, December 2017

    Warsaw, December 2017

    The old city and the lanterns, the fortress and courtyards nearby, the Copernicus Science Center and the model of the solar system, the skyscrapers and the Palace of Culture and Science.

  • Gdansk, October 2017

    Gdansk, October 2017

    Cool facades and deep puddles, narrow streets and catholic churches, a World War II museum and a restored city, a Ferris wheel and pierogi.

  • Kaliningrad, August—September 2017

    Kaliningrad, August—September 2017

    Greens and traffic jams, the sea and shuttles, parks and joggers, the House of Soviets and devastation, old architecture and a parody of European construction.

  • Kazan, July 2017

    Kazan, July 2017

    Good public spaces and the embankment, the Kul Sharif Mosque and the “Falling” tower, the Kazan Kremlin and cute details, the Agricultural Palace and the Black Lake Park, promises and iterative development.

  • Yekaterinburg, May 2017

    Yekaterinburg, May 2017

    “Shaverma” and “shawarma”, red line and Vysotsky, constructivism and devastation, Yeltsin and love lock, city profile and monotony.

  • Prague and Karlovy Vary, January 2017

    Prague and Karlovy Vary, January 2017

    New Year's decorations and fairs, public transport and the “Railway Kingdom”, trdelnik and hotdogs, castles and cathedrals, Karlovy Vary and the view from above.