Binary Adder in the Game of Life

The circuit underneath adds 2-but values. To add 2 numbers input them in the fields below. Each field accepts either "00", "01", "10", or "11" string. The circuit will calculate the sum and the carry for each bit.

Gliders are used as signals. To generate the glider flow we use Gosper glider gun with the period of 60. More about game of life, its patterns, and details of this circuit you can find in the post about circuit creation:

Circuit Creation: Step by Step

  1. Game of Life Basics
  2. Patterns: Glider
  3. Patterns: Gliders Collision
  4. Patterns: Gosper Glider Gun
  5. Patterns: Gosper Glider Gun with the Period of 60
  6. Logic Gates: NOT
  7. Logic Gates: AND
  8. Logic Gates: OR
  9. Logic Gates: XOR
  10. Binary Half Adder
  11. Binary Full Adder