Personal Projects

Recently released applications, tools, and educational products.

  • Refactor Like Superhero

    Book about refactoring code efficiently and with ease.

  • Doka Guide

    Encyclopedia for web developers.

  • Fullstack React & TypeScript

    Book about building modern apps with React.

  • Solidbook

    Book about OOP principles with examples and self-tests.

  • Frontend with Ease!

    Guide on how to work with pleasure and without stress.

  • Tzlvt

    Mobile app that helps you save money.

  • Prokrutchik

    Fast and light-weight content scroller.


Projects that are no longer maintained.

  • Tic-Tac-Toe TDD

    Online book about using test-driven development.

  • Kursovik

    Shows the USD/RUB exchange rates.

  • Tmstmp

    App that converts dates to timestamps and backwards.

  • Gruntograph

    HTML typographer for Grunt.

  • Bookmark

    Cross-browser aside anchor-navigation.


Small and β€œnot really real” projects.

  • Tools

    Curated list of helpful services for developers.

  • Loose Comparer

    Explicit (and silly-joky) non-strict equality comparator.


Ancient stuff that got lost over time. No source code preserved.

  • Screen Keyboard

    Reusable skeuomorphic on-screen keyboard widget.