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Personal Projects

Recent web sites, applications, books, and educational projects I've worked on.

  • Refactor Like a Superhero

    Refactor Like a Superhero

    Online book on how to refactor code efficiently and without pain.

  • Doka Guide

    Doka Guide

    Encyclopedia for web developers written in Russian with love and care.

  • Fullstack React with TypeScript

    Fullstack React with TypeScript

    Book about building and testing modern apps with React and TypeScript.

  • Solidbook


    Interactive online book about OOP principles with examples and self-tests.



    TDD tutorial and guide with an example of building the Tic-Tac-Toe game.

  • Frontend without Pain!

    Frontend without Pain!

    Guide for web developers that teaches how to work with pleasure and without stress.

  • Tzlvt


    Mobile app that helps you save money. Works on all popular platforms.

  • Prokrutchik


    Fast, light-weight (4 KB gzip), and dependency-free content scroller.