There’s Always Time to Read Books

Over the New Year’s break, I read one or two books every day. I enjoy reading, but I suspected that after the new university semester and work starts I won’t have enough time to read.

I had already tried reading 50 pages a day, it didn’t work. I thought I was too busy but the real reason was different.

Now I’ve stopped reading things I’m not interested in, as Ludwig advised. It helps to perceive reading not as a daily routine, but as a relaxation or reward for intense work. It also helps beat procrastination. Sometimes I didn’t read because the book I started seemed uninteresting but I had to finish it. The real deal is—no, it’s okay not to read books till the end.

I also started reading on my breaks at work. Before, I used to open Twitter. Now I try to pick up a book. I found that for a break it’s enough to read 10 pages of English text or 20–25 pages of Russian. As a result, on average, I still get those 50-100 pages a day but without struggle.

So in general, it is possible to find time to read. You only need to find a way to make reading more accessible.