Flexbox is Awesome!

I tried flexbox for the first time to layout complex grids, and in this post, I share my impressions.

This month, I did a test assignment for Dodo Pizza. The task was to layout the user interface for an internal tool staff and cashiers. I can’t show the UI itself, but it had a complex grid with dynamic widths and heights of cells in this grid.

Since the code didn’t have to be cross-browser, we could afford to use new technologies. Flexbox turned out to be the perfect technology for this task!

It makes it much easier to customize block alignment and fine-tune dimensions (column widths, for example). And it’s also more convenient to make fluid interfaces with complex grids with it, because it helps to correctly calculate the dimensions itself.

In general, I learned a lot about how to use flexbox from this talk by Vadim Makeev—can totally recommend watching it!