First Lecture at Netology

I now give lectures at Netology. On Monday I gave the first one: talked about web layout and positioning systems.

It took me a month to prepare, but almost screwed up anyway. Learn from my mistakes 😁

I made a set of slides for the lecture. On one of those slides, there were a broken link which I noticed only during class.

I checked the text and examples 3 times each, but did not notice that the link on one of the slides led to an example from the previous one.

So as not to make a mistake again, I will click every link and compare the page with its title. And also I will read the text from the end, so that mistakes would be more noticeable.

Had Long Pauses During Lecture Because of Anxiety

I wrote an accompanying text and a outline for when to change the current slide. I merged both things in one document.

The text helped not to forget anything, but the script was a distraction. Next time I will make them separate, it will help keep the focus on the main topic.

Hard to Speak Without Seeing Audience

Netology is an online university, so in terms of feedback there’s only a chat. It’s hard to lead the lecture when it’s impossible to see if the students follow the topic.

Next time I will imagine that I’m telling a lecture to my students as if they were sitting next to me. I will choose easier examples and simpler words to make the explanation even clearer.

I will have the second lesson on November 2. To be better prepared, I will use all the experience from the first one. Good luck to me 🙃