Copypaste in Code

Copypaste in code is not a pure evil, but a tool.

Don’t remove the duplication right away. Let it show you how things really work, and what patterns you haven’t seen yet. Removing duplication is about predicting the future. The more raw data you can gather, the more accurate the prediction will be.

I usually wait for 3 repeats to start cleaning up the code. To make sure I don’t lose all the copied lines I mark them with comment-flag @DUPLICATE.

After the flag itself, I write what functionality that is duplicated. This gives the flag a meaningful and unique name, which makes it easier to find places for refactoring later. It looks like this:

// @DUPLICATE: solves difficult problem
const someFunc = (a, b) => {
	/* Some sophisticated logic. */

// @DUPLICATE: solves difficult problem
const duplicatesFunctionality = (a, b) => {
	/* Possibly the same sophisticated logic. */

No, I’m not against DRY, I’m for using it wisely.